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Funky Fun


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Becoming Mindful About Fashion


While working towards a career as a Fashion Consultant (or what I’d rather refer to as a ‘Fashion Friend’, I’ve been doing some soul-searching about my fashion philosophy.

As I’ve said before, I believe fashion is an outer expression of our inner self.  The colours, styles and accessories we choose-even the places we purchase from- say so much about us.  And most of our choices are made on a sub-conscious level, depending on how we are feeling and how we perceive ourselves.

I started playing with fashion, hair and make-up at a pretty young age, but I really had no role-models or fashion inspirations.  I just experimented with styles and chose clothes that I felt suited me at the time (and boy oh boy some of my outfits were doozies!!) Looking back, I remember having some real identity issues, especially in my teens, and my style choices really reflected that.  I wore everything from ‘mod’ (all black, bright red lipstick), to ‘hippie’ to ‘rapper’ (REALLY BAGGY-I can remember that one drove my family crazy!!)  All of it was really just trying on different ‘personalities’ to find out where I fit in. And truly I think that’s what we all seek to do when it comes to fashion and style.

Not so long ago, I realized that I tended to choose my outfits according to how I was feeling when I woke up.  I COULD NOT choose an outfit the night before-it just didn’t feel right!  Sometimes I would just stand and look at my closet for half-an-hour before being able to choose something to wear. This didn’t fare well for getting my butt to work on time, and I had many a rushed and stressful morning because of it!

Now that I have become more SELF-AWARE, I am making more MINDFUL DECISIONS about my apparel-WHAT I purchase, WHERE I purchase it, WHY I purchase it, and HOW I organize it.

The first thing I did was purge my closet and sorted out items that no longer suited me, (or never suited me!!), or didn’t fit or flatter me.  Then my friends and I had a clothes swap-SO MUCH FUN! It’s just a win-win situation.  Helping the environment, helping each other, having a good time doing it, and walking away with some ‘new’ wardrobe items.  Whatever we didn’t take, we donated.

Next, I organized my closet according to styles and colour.

I still have difficulty choosing my outfits the night before (maybe because I feel drained of creativity by that time of day!) But now that I am aware of  how colours affect my well-being, I am able to use that as a guide when choosing my outfits.  But that takes being in tune with your SELF and being honest with your SELF!  You see, we all have energy centres  called chakras that run through our body and are attached to different aspects of our inner self and well being.  If our energy is out of balance, we are generally unhappy.  Each chakra has a colour associated with it, and wearing those colours can actually help to balance out our energy!

90-95% of our thoughts, beliefs (and thus feelings) come from our sub-conscious.  That means that we are only MINDFUL of 5-10% of what we choose to do (including choosing our styles and wardrobes).  As a result, we end up spending oodles of money and time buying clothes that we don’t wear; and many of which we don’t even wear!!!

SO…it is my mission to raise self-awareness, and help people become more mindful of WHAT, WHEN, HOW AND WHERE they purchase their clothing.  If this appeals to you, please feel free to contact me.  I’d love to be your Fashion Friend!

Yours in Playfulness, Freedom and Creativity,

The Fearless Fashionista

True to SELF


Just for the record..despite the myriad of fashion items which are posted on Pinterest, I only repin fashion images that are true to my sense of style.  There are some very ‘well-put-together’ outfits posted all over Pinterest, but to me-unless there is something that screams personality, it really has no impact.  Style is more than just ‘putting the right colours together’. It is an outer expression of your inner self.  And you can quote me on that!

The Notorious B-W-S (Big Window Shoppers!)


Well, another special day passed (two, actually-my birthday and Family Day), and what did we do to ‘celebrate’?  Went window shopping again of course!  This time to one of our favourite locations for ‘funky finds’…Queen St. in T.O.  Ohh..so much inspiration there-and great graffiti!

What Better Way to Celebrate?!


Nilson and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary a few weeks ago.  We decided to hit the town and…shop! Well, really it was window shopping, but nevertheless it was a feast for they eyes!  Orange is definitely the colour of the season.  Good thing it’s one of my fashion favourites.  I love its vibrance and its warmth.  Always a good colour to ‘spice things up’!

Closet Sale!


I love shopping, period. However, I am beginning to appreciate the benefits of having a ‘limited’ wardrobe.  SO, to get my shopping fix, I buy clothes that stand out to me-either they are classic, unique, or ‘funky’-and re-sell them to people they would look FABULOUS on!  Here is the best part: 1. They are CHEAP, and 2. I offer FREE CONSULTS on colour, personal style and accessorizing.  Check out what I have available this time around:

Fashion Art!


Today I thought I would share some of the pictures I took when I was making my business cards.  A couple of the backgrounds feature my paintings. This was so much fun!  It was tough to choose which image to use, but I settled with the studded heals and the hurricane…matches the name.  Wishing everybody a fabulous, colourful weekend!!

Colours 2012


I am currently reading a book about Chakras, and it has a great chapter on how colour can affect our overall well-being.  There are several links between fashion and well-being as far as I’m concerned, and colour is such a strong one.  The colours we choose to wear can activate specific chakras.  If you’re not sure which colours to wear, go with white, which contains the entire colour spectrum.  Have a look at the picture here to see which colours activate certain energy centres.  I’m also including the 2012 colour palette so if you don’t want to wear the pure colours, you can at least choose versions of those colours.  Hmmmm….this raises a question: What if the colours that will increase your well-being aren’t ‘Your Colours’?  Answer: There are always tints, shades, and tones of a pure colour that will look good on you.  Accents are always a possiblity as well.  Happy Viewing and Happy Choosing.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Namaste.

The Aldridge Ladies…My Style. My Inspiration!


When I first came across a book featuring Jane Aldridge and learned about her company Sea of Shoes, I was floored.  Then I discovered she was the daughter of Jane Aldridge (owner of Atlantis Home) and I was Inspired!  Clearly a sense of style runs in this family!  When Jane was only 3 years old Judy made her a Coco Chanel costume for Hallowe’en.  What draws me to these ladies is their love of vintage clothing-and boy, do they know how to rock the vintage!  Most of all though, I love their ‘natural’ air, and how they genuinely seem to stay true to theirSELVES. And really, that’s what it’s aaaaaaallll about. If you like what you see, check out their sites under my links.  Happy Browsing!